Here’s How To Get Hedge Fund Style Equity Research Reports For Free!

by Phil on February 11, 2013

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In today’s video Jake L’Ecuyer of Benzinga’s Equity Research Desk shows you how to obtain free hedge fund style “equity research” reports for just about any stock in the market:.

Equity Research

Equity Research

Free Hedge Fund Research

In the video Jake covers… 
– The process and secrets behind Benzinga’s Research Desk
– Where to find the information that matters
– How to sift through the infinite data available
– Determine what data is useful for making a decision

How Is This Different From Other Equity Research Sources?

This is a dedicated hedge fund style equity research platform manned by over 10 internal equity research analysts whose job is to reach out to other equity research analysts and traders across sell-side institutional firms as well as hedge funds to bring to you, the retail trader, unparalleled access to information to base your stock trades on.

Valuable Insight From Equity Research Analysts Around Earnings

The platform is critical for traders, especially around earnings when whisper numbers and last minute sentiment changes can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your trading profits. Detailed analysis of how stocks moved around previous earnings, real-time up to date research reports from the leading equity research analysts on the Street, and a comprehensive breakdown of each relevant earnings-related statistic is at your finger fingertips using the Pro platform.

Developing Trading Ideas From Aggregate Equity Research Analyst Reports

Everything is in one place, that’s the beauty of the Pro Platform. Where else can you find EPS estimate changes, updated short interest statistics, and a list of relevant upcoming catalysts all in one place. Jake demonstrates in the video the power of having all of the most relevant information that’s baked into a stock’s price all on one page. This aggregated data can help you either formulate new trade ideas or potentially give you more (or less) conviction in an idea you already have. Either way it’s a win-win for you.

Access to real-time information from institutional equity research analysts is the real edge with the Pro platform. I challenge you to find a more complete / comprehensive resource for retail traders that doesn’t cost a mini-fortune. Complete data and speed of delivery is the name of the game. If you are relying on stale information from the likes of Google and Yahoo Finance to base your trades on, you are starting at a MAJOR disadvantage. I encourage you to check out the Pro Platform at no cost for a limited time:

>>> Pro Platform — Limited Time Free Access <<<

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