Sang Lucci & Marketfy Expose The Art & Science Behind Trading Weekly Apple Options

by Phil on February 4, 2013

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Famed options trader Sang Lucci recently held a powerful webinar on the Marketfy platform discussing, in detail, how he trades Weekly Apple Options for maximum profitability. For those that missed the webinar you can access it via the video link below.

Apple Options

 Apple Options

Weekly Apple Options trading has grown tremendously over the past year and at this point trades almost as much as SPY weekly options. As highlighted in the video, we are on the verge of a major shift, a new innovation coming down the line in March that will change how you (and everyone else) will trade Weekly “Apple Options” for the foreseeable future.

We like this Weekly Apple Options video primarily because Sang Lucci addresses a couple significant concerns that seem to plague traders looking to start Apple Weekly Options:

Holding Period: What is an appropriate time frame to stay in your Weekly Apple options position? Does it make sense to hold Weekly Apple Options positions overnight or should you look to enter and exit within the same day? How do day traders approach trading Weekly Apple Options vs. swing traders? Important questions that Sang Lucci addresses inside…

Timing: When is the best time to buy Weekly Apple Options? Timing is addressed from two perspectives: 1) actual time of day to trade Weekly Apple Options and 2) timing as it relates to trends and reversals. The latter point is where our eyes were really opened when Sang revealed a simple key to identify profitable entry and exit points.

Weekly Apple Options Selection: With Apple trading at such a lofty price point, on an absolute basis, traders oftentimes get confused as to which strike price to choose when trading Weekly Apple Options. Don’t over-complicate things, use the simple strategy highlighted in the video to guide your selection process.

Also discussed in the video is a thorough explanation of some of the tricks market makers and institutional traders use to lure retail traders into bad trades. Sang and his team also dissect some of their most recent trades that have netted five figure gains. Total returns and real-time trade recommendations are always prominently highlighted on the Marketfy platform! So enjoy the video and if you are interested in taking a closer look at recent performance simply click on the link below:

Trading Weekly Apple Options Recent Performance


Apple Options

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