Unlocking The Secret Keys To Successful Swing Trading & The Critical Swing Trading Strategies You Must Know

by Phil on February 6, 2013

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Former JP Morgan financial analyst, Serge Berger, recently joined the Marketfy Team to bring his brand of steady trading to the masses. In his most recent webinar, “The Art of Swing Trading” Serge reveals some of the strategies he uses personally and in the accounts of his clients to generate steady returns over wildly different market environments. You can access this recorded live swing trading webinar via the video link below:

Swing Trading

swing trading

The Many Advantages of Swing Trading

Serge reveals within the webinar that probably one of the most advantageous reasons to start swing trading is in the inherent discipline of the strategy. Traders oftentimes fail when they let their emotions start to influence their trading decision process. Swing trading takes the stress and emotional slippage out of trading by setting clear and defined stops and profit targets at the outset of trading. A typical swing trade lasts anywhere between 2 days and 4 weeks, making this type of trading too long for day traders and too short for institutions.

How To Most Effectively Identify A Swing

The process in identifying a proper swing trade generally relies on hindsight chart reading. Using longer term graphs to get a sense of how different stocks move at various levels. Most profitable swing traders choose a handful of stocks or concentrate on one highly traded stock such as Apple to gain comfort in identifying high probability swing trades.

Spotting A Swing Trading Turnaround Point For Proper Entry/Exit

Entries and exit points are essential within the “swing trading” framework. In the video Serge identifies several patterns to pay close attention including: moving averages, fibonacci retracements, momentum divergences, and more. While it may seem like a lot of varying concepts, Serge breaks it down into a simple process almost anyone can comprehend.

Serge goes into great detail regarding the indicators he most often uses and how he manages winning trades to extract maximum profitability. Using the swing trading strategies outlined in the video Serge has been able to generate VERIFIED double digit returns and you can view the real-time performance of his trade recommendations, as always, on the Marketfy Platform.

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